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Who is teaching your course?

We are experienced software developers and teach courses that range from basic entry-level Learn to Code to extensive course programs for Full-Stack Web Development.

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Jonas Reitmann
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Ansgar Mertens
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Christoph Eicke
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Frank Mecklenburg
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Simon Wiesmann
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Helder Pereira
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Henning Muszynski
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Paul Anton
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Mary Vokicic
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Ugur Tekbas
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Paul Mölders
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Alexander Löhn
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Jonas Schmidt
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Teresa Holfeld
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Thomas Hedeler
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Why Hamburg Coding School?

We are not a boot camp, but a training institute with a friendly learning environment and individual support at all steps of your learning path.

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Small Classes

A class has 3 to 8 people. Small enough so that the teacher can take care of everyone.

Evening Courses

Classes are usually from 6 to 9. This way you can participate alongside your job.

Expert Teachers

Our teachers are professional software developers who know what you need and how to teach it to you.

Individual Support

We make sure you understand everything and support you in the most human way. 🥰
Course Consultation: Jonas Schmidt
Course Consultation

Individual Course Consultation

Jonas will help you pick the right course. Call or message to get a consultation appointment.
Call or WhatsApp to make an appointment. If Jonas can't take your call, he will get back to you.

Where to find your course location?

Our courses take place in Hamburg in the coworking space Die Diele. We have our office and our classrooms here.

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Location: Die Diele

What do our graduated students say?



Git & Github -
August, 2019
"The course helps on the way to the Full-Stack Developer with a mixture of theory with visualization and practice with exercises, and even as an absolute newbie it is exhausting but possible to follow, also thanks to Teresa's patience."


Learn to Code -
April, 2019
"The Learn To Code sessions were really fun. I enjoyed solving excercises together in a class room. Our teacher and the whole organization were great. Thank you Helder & Teresa. I will definitely continue coding."
Julia H.

Julia H.

Learn to Code -
June, 2019
"I really enjoyed this course a lot. Helder is an awesome teacher. It was really fun learning all this new stuff and one of the best decisions I made. Thank you! : )"


Learn to Code -
February, 2019
"This course gives a very good overview and insight into the world of code and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested but hasn't got any experience. You'll leave having a rough knowledge of what is what and what is possible. It's a great base to continue in this field."
Carlotta F.

Carlotta F.

Learn to Code -
March, 2020
"The course is fun, fast and very approachable. Even if you do not have a lot of knowledge you will learn so much on the way."
Tina L.

Tina L.

Learn To Code -
May, 2018
"Awesome class, really enjoyed it. The instructor made sure everyone could always catch up."


Learn to Code -
February, 2019
"Learn to Code (JS) with Helder was even better than expected. He is teaching how to think as a programmer. I'm very happy that I could learn so much and had Helder as trainer."
Hugues K.

Hugues K.

Learn to Code -
September, 2019
"I wanted to discover JavaScript and learn how to build a website myself and Hamburg Coding School completely met my expectations. I can't wait to continue learning with HCS. Helder is a great teacher and I highly recommend his class!"


July, 2018
"It was very interesting, funny and above all relaxed. We were all beginners, which created a pleasant atmosphere and minimized shyness to ask questions. So great!"

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