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Course Consultation: Anna Maciak
Course Consultation

Get advice on your career and our courses

Anna will discuss your options with you, so you can make an informed decision. You can arrange a consultation appointment with her where she will call you. Alternatively, you can also email her.

Why Hamburg Coding School?

We are not a boot camp, but a training institute with a friendly learning environment and individual support at all steps of your learning path.

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Small Classes

A class has a maximum of 8 people. Small enough so that the teacher can take care of everyone.

Expert Teachers

Our teachers are professional software developers who know what you need and how to teach it to you.

High Quality of Training

Our student-centered teaching method makes sure that every student can follow well.

Individual Support

We make sure you understand everything and support you in the most human way. 🥰

Who is teaching your course?

We are experienced software developers and teach courses that range from basic entry-level Learn to Code to extensive course programs for Full-Stack Web Development.

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Jan Krutisch
Jan Krutisch see profile
Moritz Stückler
Moritz Stückler Show profile
Christoph Eicke
Christoph Eicke see profile
Felix von Poblotzki
Felix von Poblotzki see profile
Tim Adler
Tim Adler see profile
Helder Pereira
Helder Pereira see profile
Henning Muszynski
Henning Muszynski see profile
Paul Anton
Paul Anton see profile
Ansgar Mertens
Ansgar Mertens see profile
Stefan Etz
Stefan Etz see profile
Benjamin Rabe see profile
Pedro Remoaldo
Pedro Remoaldo see profile
Alexander Löhn
Alexander Löhn see profile
Tobias Schulz-Hess
Tobias Schulz-Hess see profile
Teresa Holfeld
Teresa Holfeld see profile
Thomas Hedeler
Thomas Hedeler see profile

Third-Party Certified Quality

Our school has been audited for quality by Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V. It is our top priority to provide the best quality of teaching.

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Quality Seal by Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V.

Where to find your course location?

Our courses take place in Gasstraße 4 in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld.

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Hamburg Coding School
Gasstr. 4, 22761 Hamburg
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Location: Die Diele

Success Stories of our Graduates

Carlotta F.

Healthcare Business Consultant
Full-Stack Web Developer 👩‍💻
In her former job, Carlotta saw what her software developer colleagues were doing and was fascinated! She decided to take our Full-Stack Web Development course in evening classes next to her job and now works as a Full-Stack Software Developer!

Kat M.

Office worker 👩‍💼
Full-Stack Web Developer 👩‍💻
Dissatisfied with her office job, Kat wanted to switch careers. Having a keen interest in programming and tech, she enrolled in our Full Stack Web Development program. Today she is thriving as a JavaScript Developer, and is very happy with that career decision.
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Immo B.

Marketing & Sales Manager 🧑‍💼
Full-Stack Web Developer 🧑‍💻
After graduating from his master’s Immo worked in marketing for a few years. But the desire for a new challenge led him to enroll in our Full Stack Web Development program. Since then he is happily employed as a JavaScript developer!
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Andrew R.

Customer Success Manager 👨‍💼
Full-Stack Web Developer 🧑‍💻
After coming to Germany, Andrew worked as a Customer Success Manager. Constantly being on the phone, he soon realized that that job wasn’t for him. He did the Full-Stack program at Hamburg Coding School and now works as a successful Full-Stack Developer.

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