Jobs at Hamburg Coding School

Unterricht an der Hamburg Coding School

Teacher for Web Development

We are always looking for talented developers who would like to pass on their knowledge. If you are considering a position as a teacher in web development, please send us your application.

We teach in very small classes of up to 8 participants. Our participants are usually very motivated, which makes teaching a very rewarding experience.

If you start with us, you will be guided in the beginning. We will give you all the resources you need to start teaching, and you can participate in regular workshops for improving your teaching skills.

To work at Hamburg Coding School, you should have a technical background and a good level of English. It is important that you can explain concepts in simple words. All other teaching skills you can learn from us. But most importantly: you should enjoy teaching. 😊

We are currently looking for teachers for these courses:

If you would like to teach these topics, or are curious about teaching in general, get in touch with us. Just drop us an email.

We would love to hire more women as teachers. If you are considering teaching, please get in touch! 🙋‍♀️

Contact Person

If you are interested in teaching, write me an email. I will invite you for an interview at the school.
Teresa Holfeld • Founder and Manager