House Rules

Responsible Persons

Teresa Holfeld, CEO
Johanna Vulcano, Assistant of the CEO


These house rules are a code of conduct for all persons at Hamburg Coding School: teachers, staff, and participants. They are a set of guidelines and regulations for the conduct of our courses. We wish to provide an educational environment for our students where learning is possible for everyone without any disturbances. For this, it is crucial that all present persons adhere to a certain code of consideration and support. Social behavior and fairness are the foundation of a fruitful cooperation of all involved persons. In addition, we need to adhere to the rules and regulations of our hosts who provide the course rooms and office space to us (co-working space Die Diele, BeLabs Bernstorffstraße 118).

Opening Hours

The course room is available to the dates and times of scheduled classes (usually 6pm to 9pm).

Classes take place at the announced date and time. Changes will only be made after consultation with the trainer and the participants of the class.

Course participants have access to the course rooms only at the time of scheduled classes. If the need arises to access course rooms for individual study or sessions, this can be arranged after admission by the administration.

If a door or gate should be locked, course participants need to contact their trainer. The trainer has the key or is able to obtain it.

Code of Conduct

All persons at Hamburg Coding School are required to treat each other with respect, politeness, consideration and cooperativeness – in general any form of conduct that supports polite interaction. We adhere to the Berlin Code of Conduct.

Course materials and content needs to be treated confidential and should not be distributed to third parties. Credentials or access information is confidential as well and should not be distributed or passed on to third parties.

Making recordings of classes or sequences thereof is prohibited. Exceptions need the approval of the trainer and administration.

Copyrights and intellectual property rights are to be respected.

Internet access is provided for the purpose of following the course. It is prohibited to use the provided internet access for accessing or downloading pornographic, politically radical, violence-glorifying or race baiting content.

Mobile phones and electronic devices are permitted to be used during class. Please be considerate of other course participants.

Amenities and equipment of the course rooms are to be handled with care. In case of damage, the perpetrator (or their parent or legal guardian) will be held reliable.

Basic Rules

All premises are non-smoking areas.

Course participants who can’t attend a class due to sickness or other reason please notify their trainer by email or phone.

We reserve the right to cancel or shift single class sessions for cause. Alternative dates are discussed with the class.

Course participants or trainers are called upon keeping the premises clean and using the appropriate bins for disposing of trash.

The coffee machine at the co-working space Die Diele is off limits to course participants. It is only to be used by authorized personnel.

Disclaimer of Liability

No liability can be accepted for valuables. This includes the wardrobe.

Parents are responsible for their own children. For the duration of the course, the teacher assumes the duty for supervision.

Trainer and staff are available for suggestions, feedback and complaints of any nature.

The user accepts these house rules with participation in the courses or events at Hamburg Coding School.

Hamburg, November 28th, 2019