Inhouse Courses for Companies

Tailored courses for managers and their teams

Today, IT and digitization are affecting all areas of companies. As a result, many technical terms from the IT environment are increasingly appearing in various fields, alongside their specific language. Perhaps you are already working in cross-functional teams. Employees without an IT background often do not understand everything related to IT-heavy problems, or might even feel left behind.

Perhaps you have just decided in your company to switch to a new technology. Not all teams have prior experience with this technology. A multi-day, intensive workshop with a competent and motivating trainer can provide a jumpstart in this case.

We lay the necessary foundation of knowledge and create the motivation for all your colleagues to continue learning about the new technology, thus supporting the transformation in your company.

We are interested in the inhouse training.


No prior knowledge required.

Example Topics to Choose From

  • How does the web work?
  • Integrated work with ChatGPT
  • Introduction to programming, e.g. with Python
  • Building blocks of a website: HTML & CSS
  • Think like a programmer
  • Time estimations in software projects
  • Bugs and debugging
  • Software architecture
  • Back-end applications
  • APIs
  • Cloud computing
  • Web security
  • DevOps
  • UI design
  • Technical jargon
  • Practice-oriented examples with company-owned APIs and tools
  • Your own proposals


  • Face-to-face classes
  • Practical tasks to learn programming (hands-on)
  • Presentations with interactive parts
  • Interactive exercises with the group
  • Breakout sessions
  • Discussion Boards
  • Research tasks
  • Q&A (open question and answer session)


A room with a projector, flipchart, or whiteboard.
A laptop per participant with browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and editor (Visual Studio Code) installed.

Quality of Teaching

Hamburg Coding School is an educational organization that has been audited for quality by Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V.. This means that, as a member organization, we adhere to their quality criteria. We check and improve the quality of our courses on a regular basis.

The quality of teaching of individual teachers is checked as well. Teachers need to pass a pedagogical qualification test before they can teach courses at Hamburg Coding School.

Quality Standard



At your own premises.
Our teacher comes to you.


2 - 5 days
with 6 hours of lessons each

Class size

6 - 8 participants
1 teacher
(larger classes possible)


Certificate of Participation


(English possible)


Script, slides, code examples


  1. You contact us via email and let us know your needs.
  2. We will get back to you with appointment suggestions for a virtual, free introductory meeting.
  3. During the interview you will get to know the trainer. The trainer records your needs and asks all the necessary questions to create an individual course schedule.
  4. We will provide you with an offer including an individual course schedule and suggested dates.
  5. The trainer comes to you and teaches your team on site.

Contact person

Geschäftsführer: Felix von Poblotzki Felix von Poblotzki
Write Felix an informal email with your wishes and general conditions. He will then get back to you as soon as possible.