Tailored Training

With this tailored learning program you decide for yourself when and where you want to learn.

You will study new programming languages or technologies, and work on a practical project. You will have a personal teacher who will give you exercises and track your progress. The program takes one semester (6 months).

1:1 Classes

You'll have weekly one-on-one sessions with your teacher.

6 months duration

The program contains result-oriented training and real-world projects.


You will get an individual certificate when you graduate from this program.

Start Dates

The Tailored Training starts with the academic semester, and takes 6 months.


As topic for this program, we offer the following choices:


When you selected a topic, we will create your curriculum.
This will contain result-oriented training, and a practical project. The training will be tailored to your individual needs and takes about 6 months. The project will be practice-oriented and results in a product that you can use for your portfolio.


This is a guided self-study program. As such, it is not suitable for entry-level topics like learning to code from scratch. Participants need to have prior knowledge in a programming language.

Time Needed

The Tailored Training takes 6 months.
You should take into account that you need at least 14 hours per week.
This includes:



per month (19% VAT included) € 480
in total per semester € 2880


per month (plus 19% Vat) € 580
in total per semester € 4141.20

Please send your cover letter to training@hamburgcodingschool.com with information about your career background, your goals for the Tailored Training, and your field of choice (see topics above).

Place to Study

If you need a place to study, we can offer you a 20% discount on the 10-day flex pass of the coworking space Die Diele, where we have our office.

Contact Person

contact person: Eva Dressel Eva Louise Dressel
Customer Service, Marketing
To sign up write Eva an informal email to Eva. She will then get back to you as soon as possible.