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Admission requirements

Which prior knowledge do I need for your courses?
The Programming for Non-IT Professionals course is designed in such a way that no prior knowledge is required. For the Full-Stack Program there is no prior knowledge required, because it contains the course Learn to Code. The other courses require at least some knowledge of coding. We clarify the exact requirements for each course on the website of the course.
Do you have courses for children?
We don't offer any courses for children. Our courses are made for adults only.

Fees and payment

How much are your courses?
The duration of our courses and their target audience differ a lot, which is why the prices also vary. We list our prices at the end of each course website.
Which payment methods do you accept?
For single courses you can pay via bank transfer, credit card, SOFORT, giropay or gift voucher. For the installments for the Full-Stack Program we send you an invoice that you pay via bank transfer.
Can I pay the Full-Stack Program in installments?
With our Full-Stack Program you get all 6 courses and 8 workshops for a better price. Since not everyone wants to pay this amount at once, we offer payment in 6 monthly installments of € 1,480 (€ 8,880 in total). At the moment, installments can only be paid by bank transfer. Simply write us an email.

Application and booking

Why do I have to apply for the Full-Stack Program?
With the application process we want to make sure your expectations and motivations fit our courses and scope of teaching. The application consists of an easy and quick to fill out form followed by a promptly arranged appointment where we can get to know each other.
How can I cancel a course?
Plans change. You can cancel your booked course free of charge up to 14 days prior. After that, a cancellation fee is due which is 50% of the full course price for cancellations 13 to 7 days and 100% less than 7 days before the start of the course. You can send us your cancellation by email or do it yourself via your booking link. You can read more about the rules of cancellations in our terms and conditions (Rücktritte - cancellation). Currently, the terms and conditions are available in German only.
Can I book the workshops of the Full-Stack Program separately?
In the past, we did offer the workshops separately as well. Currently, they can only be booked as part of the Full-Stack Program. If you are interested in a particular workshop, please feel free to contact us and we will see if there is a possibility for you to participate.
Can we book you for an in-house training at our company?
We are happy to come to you to hold a goal-oriented training at your company. Write us your desired topics and dates and we will prepare an individual offer.

Courses and schedule

Are the courses held in German or English?
In the course description you will find a note regarding the language. Most of our teachers speak German and English and hold the courses according to the participants’ language. Our Learn to Code course is always held in English.
Can I take a course again?
Yes, you can. If you booked a course, you are allowed to take this course again. This way, you can repeat topics, or do classes that you missed before. Note that this is only possible if there are enough free seats left, and if the course would take place anyway.
When do your courses take place?
Our courses are evening courses. A course usually takes several weeks, with 2 or 3 sessions a week, each of 2 or 3 hours. Classes usually start at 6pm.
How frequently does the Full-Stack Program start?
We offer the 6-months Full-Stack Program on a quarterly basis. Commonly, the start date is at the beginning of January, April, July and October.
Do courses take place during school holidays?
In order to keep our quarterly rhythm, our courses also take place during the school holidays of Hamburg. Nevertheless, we take a break on public holidays.
Do you offer courses in full-time?
Currently we only offer evening classes. The reason for that is that our trainers are software developers who work on a full-time job during the day.
How can I get an impression of the school in person?
Get to know us in person. Make an appointment with Jonas for an individual course consultation. Also we periodically offer free info events and trial lessons. Or take part in a Meetup!
I have technical questions. Can I talk to a trainer?
Yes, certainly. Send an email with your question where you mention the respective course to Eva (hello@hamburgcodingschool.com) from customer support. She will arrange that the respective trainer will get your questions and send you a reply.

Grants and discounts

Can I book your courses as educational leave (Bildungsurlaub)?
Most states in Germany have a law that you can take up to 5 days a year for educational leave. This is paid leave in addition to your normal vacation days, called "Bildungsurlaub". Courses have to be accredited for that. We have one course that is accredited for Bildungsurlaub: Programming for Non-IT Professionals. All other courses can't be booked as Bildungsurlaub.
Can I use an educational voucher (Bildungsgutschein) for your courses?
Unfortunately, you cannot use the Bildungsgutschein (Germany's government-funded educational voucher) for our courses.
Are there any possibilities for grants for your courses?
There are other grants aside from the Bildungsgutschein. One grant with which we have already had experience is the Weiterbildungsbonus by Zwei P. They assist with half the course fee up to a maximum funding amount. Apprenticeship graduates can be sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce (see next question). Whether you as a person are eligible for these grants you have to clarify directly with the respective organization. We of Hamburg Coding School do not offer grants or sponsorships ourselves, but we can always split your payment into installments.
Can I pay afterwards when I have a job?
You can pre-finance the Full-Stack Program via education financier Chancen eG. The repayment is calculated as a percentage of your future income. You start paying back once you found a well-paying job. First you apply with us, then with Chancen eG. The processing time at Chancen eG is around 3-4 weeks.
I passed my apprentice exam with very good results. Can I take your course through the advanced training scholarship of the Chamber of Commerce?
The Chamber of Commerce awards around 100 scholarships annually for the professional development of very good graduates. The further training does not have to be in your particular profession. It can be anything to advance you as a well rounded professional. 90% of the course fee will be paid. The application deadline is December 31st each year. If accepted, you can then start the Full-Stack Program in April.
Where can I ask about grants?
Please contact the Weiterbildungstelefon von Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V. The consultants there are very knowledgeable and can take into account your situation and suggest suitable grants much more comprehensively than we ever could.
How do I get a written offer to apply for a grant?
Some grants require a detailed offer from the training provider. Just send us an email and we will prepare the written offer for you.
Do you have student discounts?
No, we don't have student discounts. Sometimes we offer other temporary discounts to the readers of our newsletter (sign up).
Customer Service: Eva Louise Dressel
Customer Service

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