Course materials, useful links and other resources 📚

Course Materials

Handout HTML und CSS

A summary of the topics covered in our course HTML and CSS.

Handout Learn to Code

Handout for our entry-level course Learn to Code.

Handout Network Technologies

An introduction to how the internet works. With many images. 💁‍♀️

Handout Git and GitHub

Handout and cheat sheet for using git and GitHub.

You Don’t Know JS

6-part book series about JavaScript. Written in a simple language, starting with the basics and going into details later. Available for free online, but you can also buy physical copies on Amazon.

Documentation and Tutorials for Web Development

MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) has comprehensive documentation for web topics like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It also has some really nice tutorials for beginners.

Interactive JavaScript Tutorial

JS Hero is an interactive JavaScript tutorial created by Stefan Trenkel. You can go through the basics step by step, solve tasks and do exercises. It has a built-in check that shows if what you coded was right.

Resources about Robotics with LEGO® and LEGO® Technic

Our friends from Brickobotik are reviewing LEGO® robots and post information and tutorials about LEGO® Technic, Mindstorms® and more (German only).

Resources for School Teachers

AppCamps, an organization from Hamburg that teaches programming for kids, published a great collection of training material for schools, for teaching topics like app development, Calliope mini, or online privacy (German only).