Live Training Model

The HCS Live Training Model brings the dynamic classroom to your desk. πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

Live Training

HCS Live Training Model

Experience the classroom from your desk! Our refined method brings the classroom learning experience to your desk: virtually everywhere!

The Virtual Classroom

The HCS Live Training Model brings the dynamic classroom environment to your desk. Through your computer, you will interact with the trainer and your classmates as if you were with them in the same room.

You will follow the teacher’s instructions and explanations in realtime. You can ask questions anytime, clear up doubts and apply the practice necessary to achieve the objectives of the training session.


A modern, well-functioning Virtual Classroom software is the basis of our Live Training Model. For this we use Around, which brings state-of-the-art virtual classroom features like icebreakers, remote control and Miro Board integration.

Around screenshot

In addition, we use media that are industry standard, such as GitHub for code sharing and collaboration, and Slack for communication.


Our teachers are carefully evaluated for their technical and pedagogical knowledge. For the Live Training Model, we have prepared them with specific knowledge in the use of this new medium, so that you have the best training experience and get all the benefits of classroom training.

Why attend classes through Live Training?

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