Finance your course with Chancen eG

With Chancen eG's Income Share Agreement you can take the Full-Stack course program now and pay later when you got a job.

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Study first and pay later - based on your income

With the Income Share Agreement, CHANCEN eG takes care of your tuition fees. Once you start working, you make income-based repayments to finance the training fees of future generations.

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How to apply?

  1. Submit your online application to the Full-Stack Web Development program to Hamburg Coding School and attend the interview.
  2. If your interview with us was successful, you will be able to apply to CHANCEN eG for the Income Share Agreement.
  3. If your interview is successful with CHANCEN eG, you will sign a financing contract with CHANCEN eG.
  4. You’re all set to start your coding journey with Hamburg Coding School!

Who can apply?

You can apply to CHANCEN eG for the Income Share Agreement if

For all others, eligibility needs to be clarified.

You are only eligible up to the age of 45 years.