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A Guide to Slack Workspaces

Join the Hamburg Coding School on Slack

Get direct and expert contact with teachers and students of the Hamburg Coding School via Slack. Anyone interested in programming is welcome to join our Slack workspace. In addition to course-specific channels, you will find general channels like #general, #random, #jobs and #testcourse.

How to join Slack

Joining Slack is easy. Click on our invitation link and sign up.

screenshot: sign up for slack

Once you’re signed in, you can browse existing Slack channels:

screenshot: view slack channels
screenshot: browse all existing slack channels

Already have another Slack account?

You can easily have two or more workspaces in Slack. The steps look a little different if you use the browser version of Slack or the app.

To add a second workspace in the browser version of Slack, go to your workspace name in the top left corner and click the dropdown arrow:

screenshot: add another workspace

Next, choose “Add workspaces” > “Sign in to another workspace”:

screenshot: how to sign in to another workspace

Here you search for hamburgcodingschool.slack.com, but the invite link will also work.

In the app version, you find a ➕ icon on the left hand side of your current workspace. Again you select “Sign in to another workspace”.

screenshot: how to sign in to another workspace in the app version

When finished, you can jump back and forth between several Slack workspaces:

screenshot: how to switch between workspaces

See you in Slack!

Title image by Unsplash.
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