Embracing Change - Sandra's Story

The Artistic Journey to Tech Excellence

Embracing Change - Sandra's Story

Meet Sandra, an accomplished product designer and coder who happens to be one of our alumni. Throughout her career, Sandra has always pushed the boundaries of her craft, constantly seeking new ways to express her creativity and bring her visions to life. However, deep down, there was always a spark of curiosity for technology waiting to be unleashed. She made the bold decision to apply for a web development course and embarked on a journey to become a full-stack coder.

This is her inspiring story.

In today’s world of creativity and innovation, the lines between art and technology are becoming increasingly blurred. Although IT is a melting pot of professionals from various industries, it may still sound doubtful to some, but there is indeed room for artists in tech, and not only for those active in graphic or digital areas. Numerous creative minds and career stories out there serve as proof. Hamburg Coding School is delighted to introduce one of them, Sandra, a multipreneur artist, our talented web development graduate from last year.

Doing things without a manual

Sandra is a highly active person who is always on the move. It’s no surprise that she was also in a hurry when we had the opportunity to learn about her life story. As a child, she always had a keen interest in understanding how things worked, and that curiosity has persisted throughout her life. Later on, her passion for design and her fascination with the digital world became evident. She earned a degree in Product Design, with a specialisation in Textile Design studying in Germany and Italy, which propelled her career in the creative industry. However, her interest in other fields, such as technology, has never diminished.

Exploring the unknown, seeking the unprecedented and making new things via sequences of try-and-error define both artistic and tech solutions and describe well Sandra’s attitude. She yearned to try different things and enjoyed tracing the intersection of various fields. This allowed her to have flexibility and freedom in both her personal and professional life, much like an entrepreneur.

The transition from pursuing a career in the arts to entering the field of technology can be both exciting and daunting. However, despite the perceived differences between the two fields, they share many similarities. Programming and mathematics are creative crafts that rely on the ability to identify patterns, hidden values, and underlying systems that contribute to both the aesthetic and functional aspects of design and software. Similarly, artists, programmers, and mathematicians all possess the ability to interpret and understand abstractions, where the elements used in their work represent concepts or ideas beyond their literal meaning. This applies not only to visuals but also to the artefacts created by these professionals, which convey abstract notions of actions and ideas.

Sandra gave an explanatory example of how the first computers were operated using punched cards that represented pattern-based commands. She also compared the structure of the web to a precisely arranged net, similar to the material of a textile that she works with. To her, the logical structures of virtual or fibre nets have a lot of similarities.
Her objective was to fuse design, coding, and textile work, and create a unique interaction that linked them together as a phenomenon, that defines and suits her the best.

Hamburg Coding School trains creative minds of all kinds

Hamburg Coding School is a renowned institution that provides flexible and comprehensive training in web development to creative individuals. When Sandra was searching for a web development course, she wanted to find one that was reputed, located nearby, had financing options, flexible schedules offering presence and remote lessons. After thorough research, she found that the Full-Stack Web Development Course at Hamburg Coding School checked all the boxes. The institution has been offering intensive on-site and online courses in English and German since 2017 and has gained recognition among market representatives and career funds.

Sandra highlighted that her experience is a great example of how anyone can achieve success in web development with the right training and resources. Learning web development can lead to creating personal web pages or discovering new ways of thinking and alternative approaches to code-based systems and related jobs. Sandra’s journey emphasises the endless possibilities that can open up when individuals are willing to take a step towards change and embrace new opportunities.
“It was already clear to all parties that my interest was a good match.”

Where there is a will, there is a way

Her motivation was not just to build her art website, but to enhance her career as a self-employed artist. This was a key factor in her acceptance into the Hamburg Coding School Full-Stack Web Development course, and her approval for financial support from the Hamburger Bonus for Further Education. “I was convincing with my ambition” - she remembers, which was essential in securing a higher percentage of coverage for course costs compared to other applicants in Hamburg.
While she was exceptional, Sandra believes that motivation is what matters most. “It is all about determination” - Sandra explained. “You don’t need to be a tech nerd. You just need to be willing.”

It’s interesting that despite her determination, she has always had doubts about whether she’s cut out for what she’s doing. However, having doubts is not a sign of inadequacy. On the contrary, doubts should be considered as signals of responsible and careful thoughts when planning one’s life.

“The relationship between commitment and doubt is by no means an antagonistic one. Commitment is healthiest when it is not without doubt but in spite of doubt.” (Rollo May)

Long story short:

Keep moving forward and don’t be afraid to challenge the boundaries you may face.

Last but not least, if you’ve ever considered coding, let today be the day you start your journey as a web developer.

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