These are our workshops. In contrast to our courses, they only take a couple of hours.

Git and GitHub

This workshop teaches how to use git for version control of source code, and introduces the platform GitHub. You will learn the processes of working together on the same code base, and how to publish your code on GitHub.

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Design Patterns

When you are building object-oriented software, you encounter the same problems over and over again: How do you model your class hierarchy? How do you avoid code duplication? Can you solve that in a better way? The right Design Pattern will give you the answer. In this workshop we will have a look at selected Design Patterns, implement them, and discuss their pros and cons.

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If you want to save data in an ordered manner, you need a database. This course will show you how to do that, and which databases are good for which type of application.

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Internet Technologies

This course teaches the foundations of network technologies. You will learn how the internet works fundamentally, and what hardware, software and protocols are at work. This course is for everyone who wants to get an introduction to internet technologies in general. There are no prerequisites.

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Data Science with Python

This course gives an introduction into Data Science with Python. It will show you how to set up and use Python for data processing and displaying data in meaningful ways. For this course, basic knowledge in Python is required.

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The programming language Kotlin was designed to replace Java. It solves a lot of problems that Java has, and is now widely being used for Android app development. This course is for intermediate beginners who already know some Java.

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