Meet our teachers:

Teresa Holfeld

Teresa is the founder and Manager of Hamburg Coding School. Professionally, she’s a freelance Android Developer. At the coding school, she organizes the courses, and teaches topics like Java or Databases.

Helder Pereira

Helder is a senior software developer and teacher of our beginner’s courses. He is in the software development industry for over 15 years and has worked as a teacher at a coding school in Portugal.

Frank Mecklenburg

Since the end of the 90ies frank is hanging out in the internet and is building websites. He worked in IT for the last 15 years and is building professional and complex web applications at Ubilabs.

Simon Ernst

Simon is a freelance software developer, backend systems specialist, tinkerer and pragmatic minimalist. He is passionate about simplicity, and how it solves problems in an increasingly complex world.

Thomas Hedeler

Thomas works as a software developer for almost forty years now. He‘s always been intrigued by science and technology and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm. Currently preferred programming languages are Go(lang) and Typescript.

Henning Muszynski

Henning is a professional Full Stack Developer. His passion is front-end development and all things related to JavaScript. As a conference speaker he travelled through most of Europe. At Hamburg Coding School he’ll teach you topics about modern web development.

Christoph Eicke

Christoph is a Ruby developer and Technical Lead by profession. At Hamburg Coding School he teaches workshops about internet and network technologies.

Alexander Löhn

Alex is a self-taught full-stack web developer, working as JavaScript developer for 10 years. At Hamburg Coding school he teaches HTML, CSS and JavaScript topics.

Simon Wiesmann

Simon works as a software developer since 2003. He currently works as a freelance developer. His focus is on Java, Spring Boot and the AWS Cloud.

Paul Anton

Paul has a background in AI and is a machine learning consultant. He loves hacking in Python. He teaches Git and GitHub at Hamburg Coding School.

Jonas Reitmann

Jonas completed his training at FREE NOW (mytaxi) and has been working as a Full Stack Developer in Hamburg for several years. He finds it particularly interesting to solve problems with the help of technology and is happy to pass on this enthusiasm.

Jonas Schmidt

Jonas works as UX Designer and self-taught coder. He is doing consultation for our course program, and is happy to help you with any question. You can meet him at our office for a course program consultation or get an individual appointment with him.

Ugur Tekbas

Ugur is a software developer with experience of 10 years and specialized in mobile development. He has built a variety of software products from social networks to farming robots. At HCS he teaches HTML and CSS. He likes playing basketball, making music and traveling as much as programming.

Mary Vokicic

Mary is a web developer with more than 20 years of experience. During her studies she already worked on web projects in the field of education and is happy about every day that brings something new that she can share with enthusiasm.

Paul Mölders

Paul is a full-stack developer and teaches JavaScript topics such as Node.js at the Hamburg Coding School. He is also an entrepreneur and co-founder of Greenloop.