Meet our teachers:

Teresa Holfeld

Teresa is an Android developer, founder and course organiser of Hamburg Coding School. She is the teacher for our Design Patterns courses, and tutor for the Android courses.

Helder Pereira

Helder is a senior software developer and teacher of our beginner’s courses. He is in the software development industry for over 15 years and has worked as a teacher at a coding school in Portugal.

Frank Mecklenburg

Since the end of the 90ies frank is hanging out in the internet and is building websites. He worked in IT for the last 15 years and is building professional and complex web applications at Ubilabs.

Simon Ernst

Simon is a freelance software developer, backend systems specialist, tinkerer and pragmatic minimalist. He is passionate about simplicity, and how it solves problems in an increasingly complex world.

Thomas Hedeler

Thomas works as a software developer for almost forty years now. He‘s always been intrigued by science and technology and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm. Currently preferred programming languages are Go(lang) and Typescript.

Stefan Etz

Stefan works as a Solution Architect and is the teacher for the “Data Science and Machine Learning with Python” course. He uses python as his favourite scripting language during his work or also for private activities.

Lasse Diercks

Lasse works as a freelancer, somewhere in between designer and developer, coach and consultant. Since 10 years he calls the world wide web his home, and he loves to help others find their place there as well.


Brickobotik is a project of our friends Fabian Deitelhoff und Felix Krawczyk from Dortmund. They run a website where they post a lot of information about LEGO® Technic und LEGO® robotics. They also give courses for kids and teens about LEGO Mindstorms EV3.

Christoph Eicke

Christoph is a Ruby developer and Technical Lead by profession. At Hamburg Coding School he teaches workshops about internet and network technologies.

Stine Scharfenberg

Stine was working as a teacher, and is currently shifting her focus towards the digital world. She does customer service and marketing at Hamburg Coding School.