COVID-19: We do our classes online

All events and classroom courses in Hamburg are prohibited for now, so we will do our courses online via video chat. We therefore offer discounts on our courses.
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Full-Stack Web Development

Learn all the different web technologies that you need to become a full-stack web developer. This package consists of 5 courses, 2 projects and 7 workshops.
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Full-Stack Web Development
Classroom Courses
Learn in a classroom environment with a trainer who can answer your questions.
6-Months Duration
Your curriculum is composed of 5 courses, 2 projects, 7 workshops, and a lot of hands-on training.
1:1 Mentoring
You will get personal sessions with our mentors who can help you to get a job.
Get the Full-Stack Web App Developer Certificate.

Who can enroll

This package is for beginners who don’t have any prior coding knowledge. You will learn everything step by step, from the introduction to coding to building your first web application.

Our program is suited for people who are working. The courses take place in the evening hours, in a friendly classroom setting. The amount of time that you need to spend for these courses is about 14 hours per week.

Students who want to enroll need:

What you’ll get

This package includes the following courses and workshops:

Courses Hours
 • HTML and CSS (basic course + continuation) 27h
 • Learn to Code in JavaScript 24h
 • JavaScript for Web 24h
 • Node.js 18h
 • Vue.js 24h
 • Network Technologies 2h
 • Git and GitHub 6h
 • Search Engine Optimization 2h
 • Databases 12h
 • Design Fundamentals 2h
 • Testing with JavaScript 12h
 • Internet Security 2h
Total hours 155h

In addition to these courses and workshop, this package contains graded projects and mentoring sessions. These are exclusive and only available in this course package.

• Project 1 Web Content 12h (only available in this package)
• Project 2 Interactive Web 12h (only available in this package)
• One-on-one mentoring 6h (only available in this package)

We pride ourselves to deliver high-quality courses in a supporting classroom environment that you can’t find anywhere else. This has its price, but we will be happy to support you with financing options.
For that please send us an email.

Note: Due to the corona virus pandemic, we currently can’t guarantee face-to-face classes yet. In that case our courses will take place in online classes, as is currently the case. That is why we are presently offering a discount on our courses.

Original price of the package €6,500
Coronavirus discount €-575
Discounted price €5,925
Average price per hour €38/h
Popular payment option €500 per month
All prices include VAT (16% till the end of 2020, 19% by the beginning of 2021).

Need consultation?

Jonas Schmidt

Call or send a message. Jonas will be happy to answer your questions by phone or in person.

Jonas Schmidt • Course Consultation

📲 +49-173-9115205

If Jonas can't speak at the moment, he will call you back as soon as possible.

Start Date

The course program will start on October 1st, 2020, and end on March 26th, 2021. It will take a total of 6 months. The amount of time that you need to spend for these courses is about 14 hours per week.

Our courses are evening courses. You will attend the courses 3 times a week, usually from 6pm to 9pm.

In between sessions we give optional homework. Depending on your level, you might need to put in more or less work in your own time.

Your Curriculum

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Where our courses take place

Die Diele is a co-working space in Ottensen, near the Zeise cinemas. We have our office here and rooms for our courses.
Die Diele
Borselstraße 7
22765 Hamburg