Network Technologies

Network Technologies

This course teaches the foundations of network technologies. You will learn how the internet works fundamentally, and what hardware, software and protocols are at work. This course is for everyone who wants to get an introduction to network technologies in general. There are no prerequisites.

Course Contents

If you send a message in WhatsApp, it is first transferred from your phone to your WiFi router. From there it is routed through the internet until it reaches the router of the data center of WhatsApp, somewhere in the USA. There it is sent to a particular server, where it is stored next to your other messages. Then, a notification is triggered, which goes all the way back to Europe, finding its way to the mobile tower that is closest to your recipients phone, where it is finally delivered via the LTE data connection.

So how does this work? How do the messages find their way to the right recipient?
We will explain this, and on top:


This course is teaching the fundamentals of network technologies. You will learn how the internet works, how routing works, and which hardware and software is used.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Course of two hours, mainly consisting of a presentation.
We will bring some hardware for demonstration.

Workshop at Hamburg Coding School


Teacher Christoph Eicke
Date 10.9.2019
Time 6.30pm — 8.30pm
Target Audience Beginners
Course size 12 participants
Language German/English
Place Die Diele, Borselstraße 7, 22765 Hamburg
Included WiFi, drinks, course material

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