If you want to save data in an ordered manner, you need a database. This course will show you how to do that, and which databases are good for which type of application.

When you are writing an application or a website, at some point you will have to handle a larger amount of data, display it and save it. But choosing a database is not easy. There’s a large number of different databases, reaching from MySQL to Couch DB. In this course we will show you the differences and use cases, and teach you how you can integrate one in your web application.


In this course we will learn about Relational Databases and Document-based Databases. We will learn how to use SQL, and integrate a database into a web application.

Course Content

This course teaches:


There is no prior knowledge required. Having knowledge about HTML, CSS and JavaScript would be an advantage, but is not a necessary prerequisite.


Classroom teaching with hands-on exercises.
You need to bring your laptop to this course.

Class at Hamburg Coding School


The course takes place from 10am to 5pm. We have a lunch break of 1 hour. The course has a total of 6 hours.


Teacher Helder Pereira
Date 12.10.2019
Time 10am - 5pm
Target Audience Beginners
Course size 8 participants
Language English
Place Die Diele, Borselstra├če 7, 22765 Hamburg
Included WiFi, drinks, course material

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